The Ref x Patagonia Collection is now online

Roughly about 1 hour ago, my friend forwarded a newsletter to my inbox from my favorite label Reformation. It contained the news that it was now selling items online from its collection with Patagonia. My exact words…”why have I only just heard about this!?” Apparently it’s been a thing since 2016.

I love the collaboration for multiple reasons. Firstly, it’s the combination of two great companies. For those that don’t know about Patagonia, they are everyone’s favorite outdoor brand that also happens to be a certified B Corporation (supporting environmental efforts). Reformation is a sustainable fashion label worn by celebrities such as Taylor Swift. It may seem like an unusual collaboration but actually, it’s kind of perfect. They both care about being responsible companies; sourcing sustainable fabrics and maintaining transparent supply chains.

They are both leaders in sustainable & ethical fashion, just with different styles.

 I also love it because it’s perhaps giving the audience of Reformation a different mindset to outdoor clothing. Outdoor clothing can be trendy and eco-conscious, just look at this green bomber jacket below – functional, cool & ethical. This jacket (Patagonia Prow Bomber Jacket) should last in all settings i.e. camp trip to city drinks. It’s also reasonably priced for a well made, 100% recycled jacket with ethically certified duck down. See more about Patagonia’s duck down sourcing here.


For Patagonia’s audience, it gives more ways to style functional outdoor clothing…to wear forever for different occasions. I wouldn’t think that a teddy-bear fleece that is for cold and wet weather, would also look this cool (Patagonia Los Gatos Fleece). Plus, it’s also made from responsibly sourced materials that are 30% recycled.


Just to be clear, this article is NOT to encourage you to go out to buy items from this collection without thought first. If you NEED outdoor wear (jackets, beanie, leggings), do your research and buy items that will last well… see more from the collection here.

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