5 Awesome & Affordable Ethical Clothing Brands

I spend most of my life second hand shopping so I generally don’t encourage buying first hand. Then again, sometimes you need something specific or a well made item that will last a long time. Below are some awesome brands that make trendy yet affordable apparel whilst minimising their harmful impact on the environment. Generally ‘ethical’ or ‘sustainable’ clothing seems more expensive, this is due to the materials being ethically sourced with fairly paid workers in smaller factories. In the long term, it’s cheaper to purchase clothing which is well made and eco conscious, lasting longer, with less of an impact on the environment.

A good online store with a mixture of local and sustainable brands is Well Made Clothes if you get stuck.

Buy a piece of clothing you love that’s well made and wear it forever. 

1.) REFORMATION (not as affordable as you’d hope but incredible clothing)

I saw Taylor Swift wearing a Reformation dress in a magazine once, which probably makes it now one of the most popular brands in America. Reformation in my opinion is the best sustainable brand in terms of design, they have really pretty clothes with a quirky twist. The LA label started in 2009 sourcing only sustainable and vintage fabrics, made in America or abroad using sustainable manufacturing partners. They have a great online store but recently had a pop up in London so fingers crossed they come out to Australia. Be warned once you go online you’ll want everything but if you want cool pieces you’ll wear forever…this brand is the one.

Price Rating $$$


A UK clothing brand that’s been around for 25 years with an online store, People Tree is a sustainable and fair trade company perfect for basics. The designs are a bit more safe and basic but they are made from high quality materials with love and care. They are perfect for work clothes and staple pieces.

Price Rating – $$


I recently got a bag from this brand based in Melbourne, it’s so beautifully crafted and soft…I have taken it to work every day. The Fabric Social work with women facing insecurity in Asia’s forgotten corners, with a % of profits going back into community projects. All products have been produced in safe labour conditions by women living in insecure locations to give them financial security. They have hand crafted accessories and cool jackets worth checking out!

Price Rating – $/$$


Good denim is hard to find, I know…I’ve had some pretty unfortunate rips in my jeans. I am waiting for a time when I actually need some denim to buy from Nobody Denim but i’ve heard great things. Starting in Melbourne in 1999, Nobody Denim has worked hard to change denim manufacturing working closely with the Ethical Clothing Australia, which means fair wages and safe working conditions.

Price Rating – $$


U.S brand ModerNation is eco-friendly and sustainable, with a goal to avoid fast fashion which pollutes the planet. They hand select vintage, deadstock and sustainable materials in South California. The clothes are unique with the perfect mix of cool and pretty. The downside is because they are hand created, they don’t have a huge collection but with a purpose for slow fashion – that’s perfect. They ship to Australia but I haven’t tried yet so we will see what happens!

Price Rating – $$


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